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How to stop microfibre pollution

Start filtering

Order your microfibre filter and install it in less than 10 minutes. You will stop 90% of fibers from going down the drain. Check out our shop for your best deal.

Replace cartridges

The cartridges will fill up with microfibres after about 20 washes. Replacing them takes only a few minutes.

Receive new cartridges

Return the used cartridges to PlanetCare using the supplied box and new cartridges are delivered to your house. It's a closed-loop solution, we reuse 95% of the cartridge and recycle 5%.

Stop microfibre pollution

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Return and re-use

We have designed a return-and-reuse programme for our cartridges, which will prevent you from running out of cartridges as well as help us minimize waste generation. By reusing the durable cartridge parts we ensure that nothing is disposed of that could potentially lead to a further release of microfibres into the environment.

VIDEO: How to install PlanetCare's microfibre filter

1 billion KGs of microfibres

Every year we pollute our oceans with about a billion kilos of microfibers. These microfibres have a disastrous effect on marine life and ultimately on ourselves. Up to 700.000 individual plastic fibres can break up and degrade during a single washing cycle. These microfibres can be stopped with a filter, but washing machine manufacturers are procrastinating the implementation of microfibre filters due to high R&D costs and low margins.

Our customers ♥ us

"Finally consumers can take action. If we wait for the fashion industry, it can  take years before this problem is solved."

- Maria Westerbos founder Plastic Soup Foundation

Our customers ♥ us

You can't control your family (teenagers loving to buy fast fashion), but thanks to the PlanetCare microfibre filter you can control what comes out of your washing machine.

Frederikke Magnussen, Cofounder of Plastic Planet and a Mum of 3

Our customers ♥ us

Thank you for your product. I am shocked at how much sludge it has filtered. This is very important work. Thank you for making a difference.

Kelly, New Zealand

Our customers ♥ us

PlanetCare microfibre filters are the cheapest, most compact and most aesthetically pleasing filters I could find online and I am certainly delighted with how well they work.

Fiona, Scotland

Our customers ♥ us

Just wanted to let you know that we are very satisfied with your service! Requesting a pick-up for the cartridges was very easy and everything went perfect. Within 9 days we received our new box! Thanks and keep up the good work!


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