For all who are not prepared to wait for washing machines with built-in filters to hit the stores, we have viable solutions that can be added onto your existing washing machine.

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Add-on filter assembly is produced for specific washing machines and will not fit other machines. When ordering you have to specify the exact type and make of the washing machine.

The PlanetCare Add-on filter assembly is designed to replace the original drain-pump labyrinth filter intended to stop pieces such as buttons, clips, and coins reaching and damaging the drain-pump that pumps water from the washing machine. The PlanetCare Add-on filter assembly will stop these items equally well and also remove fibres. Replacing the original filter with the PlanetCare Add-on filter assembly will therefore not expose the drain-pump to any danger of damage.

The filter is guaranteed to function for 20 washing cycles, after which the filter cartridge needs to be replaced. The cartridge is essentially the filtering medium whereas all the other parts are reused. This way a minimum amount of material is thrown into the trash.

Add-on filters efficiency has been tested in several environments and the results show that up to 80% of all microfibres are caught.

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